Welcome to knives-uk.com

The idea is simple - any knifemaker can be featured no matter what etheir status or skill level. Eventually, this may turn into a comprehensive database of UK knife makers, the materials and suppliers they use, and details of knife purveyors and outlets. Then again, it may not. That is largely down to whether people want to use it.

Here, presented in alphabetical order, are the first of the UK makers who have asked to be featured. I would like to thank them all for agreeing to be a part of this project - they all, I am happy to say, agreed without hesitation, to be included.

Details of how to become listed on this site are on the Contact us page.

I hope that more makers and suppliers will choose to join in to the benefit of all.

More content may come soon but, for now, enjoy your visit.

Barry Scott.


A quick note on...


Quite simply, there are none on this site.

Knives are a sensitive topic, no matter which government happens to be in power. This site is not a staging ground for political lobbying, and any such rants will be conspicuous by their abscence.

We are craftsmen, not political lobbyists.


No single maker gets more or less space devoted to them - this site is available to all makers interested in being featured on it. Resources, when they are published, will likewise be made available on an 'all are equal' basis.

Nobody gets a bigger slice of the pie and that's how it stays.

Exclusion from this site is entirely voluntary, as is inclusion.