About us

knives-uk.com is an attempt to provide a 'one stop shop' where people can find out about UK knife makers, the materials they use, the types of knives they make and, crucially, this site will also act as a communictaions hub allowing you to contact the maker(s) of your choice direct.

Each featured maker will have a brief bio along with example images of their work.

I hope this will grow and mature into a useful resource for anyone searching for new and old makers alike, where materials can be found, links to makers and their work can be seen, and information on shows, who is attending and so on can be included.

If I succeed in only one of these things in the climate we currently find ourselves in, I will be happy with a result.

Have fun...

Barry Scott.


For the record...


I make no money out of this.

The site is offered to all, free of charge, to provide a level playing field for any UK maker, regardless of status as full or part time, amatuer or professional.

I do the design, set out the pages, input your information and host the site on my own servers.

Anyone can be involved - you just need to contact me to make it happen...

Preferential treatment...

is given to nobody.

I don't care whether you are full time or part time, or if you are well known or unknown.

If you make knives, swords, axes or whatever, and you want to be on board, you can be.

We all get the same space - how you use it is up to you - that's how it stays.