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Status: Part-time maker

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I wan't sure what to put in here without sounding like I'm going off on one.

I prefer forging to grinding, but I have to grind what I forge, so...

As my website suggests I like the bladesmith aspect of knifemaking, and I am happiest when forging unusual Damascus blades and Japanese swords.

I have taught CQB and Survival, Kung-Fu and software engineering (don't ask).

The designs I like are simple, strong and, above all, practical.

Although I can and have made folders including slipjoint, linerlock and framelock knives, I prefer making and using fixed blade knives for gamekeepers, deerstalkers, expedition use and diving.

I try to never make the same knife twice so don't expect a catalogue of regular patterns.

Having been a full-time bladesmith for many years some time ago I am now far happier being part time, which allows me the luxury of making what I like, when I like, for the people I most like to work for.

I make historically accurate swords for museums and private collectors, and knives for use as daily tools, in the right hands. Note - 'tools in the right hands'. Enough said.

All handle materials other than man-made are stabilised to prevent degradation over long years of use and I use optimal heat treatment to get the best out of my blades.

Take a look at my site and make up your own mind. If you like what you see fine - if not, there are plenty of other makers featured here ;o)


This site.

Day to day running...

I'm a busy man with a hectic workload

Feel free to contact me to arrange to be included on this site, if you would like to be.

Just don't expect to magically appear overnight.

Within about 48 hours is normal...

Fair treatment.

Those who know me know that I stand no nonsense.

Any maker can be featured on here.

No maker gets more than the next, and nobody is allowed to post negative information about someone else.

Them's the rules...