Geoff Hague


Status: Full-time maker

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Geoff Hague made his first knife in 1976 just to see if he could do it after buying a fixed blade hunting knife at a country show. That knife served him well in the field and it was not until 1992 that he took up the file again to make another. In late 1993 he decided to establish his knife making business which has steadily grown as his self-taught skills and reputation have developed. He continues to expand his knowledge and craft abilities by self-tuition and research to ensure that that his knives maintain the excellence for which they are currently known in the UK an many countries around the globe.

There is no standard catalogue for the knives Geoff makes. His repertoire includes fixed blades and locking liner, backlock and slip joint folding pocket knives for the user or collector without distinction.

Whatever the end use, materials are always of the best quality chosen for the visual and textural possibilities that they can bring to a design to create a distinctive and unique piece of work. Currently the majority of Geoff's work is devoted to folding knives. These provide him with the satisfying challenge of design, choice of materials and working to fine tolerances ensuring that the finished knife comes together to form an aesthetically fine piece with a silky smooth action producing the "walk and talk" that should be expected from a best quality folding pocket knife. Anything less is not acceptable.

Ornamentation will be incorporated into a knife when considered appropriate and this can include surface metal treatments, filework and carving as well as engraving and scrimshaw commissioned from various artists respected in their field.

In July 2001 Geoff was elected a full voting member of the prestigious Knifemaker's Guild in the USA after serving a two year probationary period and successfully submitting a number of knives for technical inspection. He is currently the only British full voting member of this Guild.

Geoff exhibits at various shows throughout the year in the UK and occasionally abroad. For more details about Geoff Hague and his work please visit his website or email him with with your questions.