This list will grow - hopefully it will grow quickly, and a fully searchable A to Z database of makers and maker resources will result.

For now though, we start off small with a hand full of makers, all of whom I have had the priveledge of doing shows with in the past.


FARID | Geoff Hague | Mike Lamprey | Barry Scott | Mick Wardell | Alan Wood


The above makers offer a wide range of styles and materials and it is fair to say that they cover, between them, a good spectrum of what the UK can offer.

There are more makers out there who have requested to be featured and they will be added just as soon as their information has been recieved.

If you want to be featured here, get in touch with me and make it happen.

You can have an email address (with 10 megabytes of inbox storage) along the lines of to help you communicate with the world; instructions on how to set up and access emails will be provided.

Barry Scott.


Forge or grind ?


There are a growing number of smiths in the UK. Some use very traditional methods and materials while others push the limits of more modern equipment.

All are welcome.

Forge blades ?

Get them featured on this site....

Stock removal

Grinding is not an inferior way of making a blade, contrary to what some smiths would have you believe.

At the end of the day every smith still has to grind, so lets ignore the 'which makes the best blade' argument and just get on and enjoy looking at the examples offered by the makers featured above...

Have fun ...