Mick Wardell

Website: www.wardellsknifesupplies.com

Status: Part-time maker

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I have been a knifemaker for more than 22 years.

I specialise in spring-back folders, which I love making. I make these because they and friction folders are legal to carry, altough I do make the occasional lock-back to order.

I have made all types of knives from hunting knives to bowies, parangs and swords.

Virtually all the folders I make feature stainless damascus blades - this is beautiful as well as functional.

I have built two furnaces for heat treating - one is 40 inches deep for my swords while the other is 21 inches deep.

I have been doing my own heat-treating since I became a full time maker in 1990. I had my blades heat-treated commercially at first and the results varied from good to poor. This was so frustrating and I soon realised that the only way to get the standard I required was to do the job myself.

All blades are chryogenically treated in liquid nitrogen to get the very best from the blade and I have my own Rockwell tester to verify my treatment process. By sub-zero quenching I can make the blade stronger, more flexible and it retains its edge longer. I have heat-treat for quite a few other knifemakers and many that buy steel and other knifemaking materials from me come back to me for this service. My furnaces have digital read-outs and are extremely accurate.

All stages of knifemaking are done by hand. I do every aspect myself, from cutting out to finishing and making the sheath. This work cannot be rushed if a satisfactory result is to be reached. I am initially a custom knifemaker and a lot of my work is done from customers own designs and specifications.

Within the last year I have started a knife supply company. After many calls asking where you can get materials I decided to carry stocks of steels and fittings are difficult to obtain in small quantities. I buy in bulk and pass the materials on to the customers at the lowest prices possible. Go to my website at www.wardellsknifesupplies.com to see the items we stock. If there is anything you want that is not on the website, please ask and if I can get it for you I will.

I also offer knifemaking courses. They are over 3 or 4 days, to learn all aspects of making a hunter, with a leather sheath if time permits. You get to keep what you make on the course. Ring me for more information 01237 475312.