Resources resources.

I need help - you knew that though...

This is going to be a fully searchable database of resources, from steel suppliers to leatherwork materials, glue to abrasives, and timber to polishing compunds.

I already know a lot of suppliers, both here in the UK and overseas. However, before this part of the site goes fully live I would like help from each and every one of you out there.

Know a supplier ?

Share the knowledge.

We can all remember the pre-internet days when nobody could find anything and we all scraped for every supplier we could find.

I don't want newcomers to knifemaking to have the same hurdles to jump.

Send me your links, names, addresses, telephone numbers and this will be a resource list to remember.

Watch this space...


Barry Scott.


Resource listings:


..assume that someone else will know what you know.

Share it with everyone.

I'd like all newcomers to be able to see how easy it can be to find what they seek.

Not like how it was when I was starting out...


.. send in any links or details of a favourite supplier of yours.

I know of some superb timber resources, high-end steel sources, hard to get materials and, well, you get the idea...

If we all share two or three suppliers think of how much easier we can make life for everyone involved in knifemaking.

Thanks for helping ...